COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – The Culture Tower (Kulturtaarnet) in Copenhagen is proud to present Song of Sirens, an exhibition by Swedish artist Gustaf von Arbin. The exhibition will run from June 1st to September 30th, 2023.

Song of Sirens is inspired by the mythical Greek creatures who lured sailors to their demise with irresistible singing. An artist has followed the seductive melodies into the deep sea and all that is left is a briefcase full of drawings, swirling through the tower in a school of mackerel.

The metaphor of the artwork can be applied to various situations where we are drawn towards something that we know is ultimately harmful to us, but continue to pursue it regardless. The installation is asking us to consider the cost of our actions and the need for change if we are to avoid the ultimate consequences of our own destructive impulses.

In addition to von Arbin’s work, the exhibition includes a sound piece in the basement by Cameron Mesirow (aka . Glasser) from New York and Batic algies in the 4th floor dining room made by Danish Laerke Lillelund.

Song of Sirens is a visually stunning and thought-provoking exhibition that invites viewers to explore the beauty and mystery of the sea while also considering the consequences of our actions. Do we truly see reality as it is or are we pushed and pulled by destructive desires? The Culture Tower welcomes visitors from around the world to experience this captivating installation.

About Gustaf von Arbin

Gustaf von Arbin (b.1982) is a Swedish artist based in Milan, Italy. His paintings, photographs, and set designs all showcase a vivid use of color and a keen eye for detail, with a particular emphasis on natural textures and patterns. von Arbin often incorporates surreal or magical elements into his work, creating a sense of wonder and enchantment that is central to his artistic vision. His work is a visually stunning exploration of the beauty and mystery of the natural world, infused with a sense of imagination and playfulness that makes it truly unique.